Sharing session by Blended Learning Ambassador – Dr. Emma Buchtel

2015June3 sharing session

On 16 Oct, 2015, Dr. Emma Buchtel from Department of Psychological studies shared how she used the Participation Forum in Moodle, which automatically awards points for posting, to enhance student engagement in online discussion groups in two courses. Dr. Buchtel implemented Ritchhart’s “Connect-Extend-Challenge” visible-thinking routine as the pedagogical framework for her innovative approach to blended learning (Ritchhart, Church & Morrison, 2011).

Most important, the student-led discussion exposed students to new perspectives, encouraged them to do their own additional research, and made them process the lecture’s information more deeply. Ideally, the Participation Forum’s automatic point system encourages students’ initial contributions, but the intrinsic enjoyment of social interaction keeps the discussion going; we will look at examples of successful and less successful discussions and analyze what ingredients increase chances of success.

Reference:Ritchhart, R., Church, M., & Morrison, K. (2011).Making thinking visible: How to promote engagement, understanding, and independence for all learners. John Wiley & Sons.