Sharing Seminar by Blended Learning Ambassadors from Department of Curriculum and Instruction

On 2 Feb 2016, with collaboration with Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I), the TEL-Hub organised a sharing session presented by Dr. ALVIAR, Theresa Patricia B and Dr. LAM, Bick Har, the two blended learning ambassadors on the Blended / Online Learning & Teaching (BOLT) project. They shared their experiences of exploring blended learning approaches to effectively enhance their teaching and engage their students, and improve the learning outcomes.

Dr. Alviar shared her efforts that she applied the dialogic teaching and learning and linking of new information to students’ prior knowledge in her teaching using Participation Forum on Moodle as online discussion boards, focusing on the two classes of curriculum and assessment: TLS3003 (undergraduate) and CU5046 (PGDE).

Dr. Lam shared her experience of adopting Blended Learning (BL) in an undergraduate course taught in 2015 for Human Organisational Development Programme, focusing on the curriculum design processes, strategies, and outcomes with using blended learning elements. She tried several blended learning activities: the use of a Moodle Choice activity to allow students to self-select into groups, shared Google documents, and the use of a Participation Forum to host online discussions. She shared her teaching materials and the students’ learning artifacts as exemplars of learning outcomes from her blended approach among the participants as well.

The participants were intrigued by the presenters’ detailed sharing of how they adapted blended learning tools in their courses. They also shared their implementation struggles and the benefits of using blended learning in their own courses.