UNESCO-EdUHK (FEHD) Book – Blended Learning for Quality Higher Education

Technology has changed the way knowledge is created and disseminated. Blended learning – a combination of face-to-face and online learning – can enhance the quality of teaching and learning at schools and universities. However, building and scaling up blended learning courses poses enormous challenges for universities in the Asia-Pacific. To address these challenges, FEHD worked with UNESCO Bangkok to launch a project to build universities’ capacity for blended learning in Asia-Pacific.

Prof. LIM Cher Ping (FEHD) and Dr. WANG Libing led a team of blended learning experts from the region to publish a book – “Blended Learning for Quality Higher Education”. The book presents a self-assessment tool to drive, sustain, and scale-up blended learning. It uses case studies from leading universities in the region to show how gaps identified in the self-assessment exercise could be addressed.

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