7 Dec 2017: Blended Learning for University Enhancement (BLUE) event: Sharing Promising Practice and Lessons Learnt

Online registration: https://goo.gl/AdYtox

Keynote: Studying Your Blended Teaching Innovations Through Design-based Research and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Speaker: Prof. Charles R. Graham

Abstract: This presentation will focus on helping faculty who don’t typically do research in the domain of blended or online learning to think about how to engage in practitioner-oriented research with the innovations they are exploring in their own classrooms. Participants will be introduced to the concept of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), which emphasizes the systematic research, reflection, and dissemination of teaching practices that have an impact on student learning. Practical information about professional organizations, conferences, and journals devoted to SoTL will be shared. Secondly, participants will learn about design-based research and how this approach to inquiry can advance theoretical and practical understanding of blended teaching through the systematic study of multiple iterations of a blended teaching innovation.

Part 2: Online Exemplars Poster Sharing Session

Speakers: Blended learning leading practitioners at EdUHK

This sharing session aims to provide a platform for teaching/academic staff from EdUHK and other universities in and outside of Hong Kong to share their promising
blended learning practices, as well as the issues and challenges they have encountered, and to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange between teaching/academic staff and the blended learning scholars/researchers on blended
learning practices and challenges.