BOLT Project

A “Grassroots” Approach Towards Building the Capacity of Academic Departments for Blended Learning in a Faculty
– as part of the Blended & Online Learning & Teaching (BOLT) Project: Collaborative professional development for capacity building in blended and online learning and teaching in HK

This project will build the capacity of academic departments for blended learning by adopting a “grassroots” approach towards professional development. The emphasis will be on the formation of professional learning communities with the support of the blended learning “ambassadors” (from each department) in the faculty, customised department-based and programme/course-based professional development support, creation of a common faculty vision towards e-learning and development of self-accessed blended learning-related online resources. This project will then develop a prototype for professional development of blended learning and share it with other faculties in the institution, and other local and international higher education institutions.

1. To build a professional learning community of blended learning “champions” (from each department) in the faculty;

2. To develop resources to support the “champions” to deliver customised department-based professional development;

3. To build a culture of blended learning for the enhancement of teaching and learning in the faculty;

4. To develop a prototype of a professional development approach towards blended learning.

Danlin Yang

Ms. Yang Danlin Lynn